Private Equity - Proga Offshore Group

Building and growing great companies around the world.

Our globally integrated teams leverage deep vertical expertise and partner with management teams around the world to accelerate growth.
Private Equity pioneered the value-added investment approach. We partner with management teams to help build and grow great companies. Our success is built on a highly rigorous approach utilizing deep industry/company insights and a significant investment in the resources and expertise to drive strategic and operational transformation at our companies.

Our global team, which now operates in nine offices on four continents, has made more than 800 primary and add-on investments that have generated consistently strong returns. Collectively, more than 10 percent of our private equity funds’ commitments come from our professionals, far in excess of industry convention and reflective of both our strong principal investor mentality and confidence in our ability to generate industry-leading returns.

Building and Growing Great Companies

Private Equity pioneered the value-added method to personal fairness investing. We have been amongst the first personal fairness companies to set up a devoted world portfolio team staffed with running and method specialists who companion with administration teams. Our portfolio group, in conjunction with our funding authorities – most of whom come from strategic consulting backgrounds, shape a collaborative crew that permits us to create lasting influence for our portfolio organizations and helps them attain their full potential.

About Our Company

Private Equity has carried out extra than 800 principal and add-on investments throughout key enterprise sectors, deepening our team’s journey and expertise for the gain of our portfolio companies. Alwadi Express Financial Broker’s vast know-how throughout asset training and enterprise segments permits us to analyze, value, and assist our investments in the face of a complicated set of enterprise dynamics.

Private Equity has strong expertise investing in all areas of the evolving technology and media landscape, including software, hardware, internet, digital media, and information services businesses. We have made numerous investments in application software, infrastructure software, cybersecurity, semiconductor, and internet/media companies and bring in-depth knowledge of fundamental technology trends as well as unique insight into evolving customer and channel dynamics as well as emerging business models.