Public Equity - Proga Offshore Group

Our public equity team invests globally across the major industry verticals.

Public Equity is a international choice equity platform constructed upon the hallmark funding philosophy severe imperative lookup on industries and businesses that helps derive special and actionable funding insights. On that framework, we area extra emphasis on analytical portfolio development and threat management, in search of to isolate alpha and generate fascinating returns with a low correlation to the wide equity markets.


Public Equity deploys capital across multiple equity strategies with varying risk/return profiles and vehicle structures. Our investment objective is to generate attractive absolute returns over a full market and industry cycle with low correlation to the equity markets. We are flexible in how we engage with our investors, seeking to be true long-term partners.


Private Equity pioneered the value-added approach to private equity investing. We were among the first private equity firms to establish a dedicated global portfolio group staffed with operating and strategy professionals who partner with management teams. Our portfolio group, in conjunction with our investment professionals – most of whom come from strategic consulting backgrounds, form a collaborative team that enables us to create lasting impact for our portfolio companies and helps them reach their full potential.

We employ a market neutral, sector-specific hedged equity strategy that focuses solely on global industrial companies. The strategy seeks to generate high uncorrelated alpha through portfolio concentration using pair trades and idiosyncratic long and short ideas.

Our co-investment strategy is opportunistic by nature and varies over time as market conditions change and individual investment opportunities materialize. Investment strategies may include late stage pre-IPO, public company structural mispricing, and anchororder IPO investment opportunities.

Our Public Equity employs long/short equity strategies that combine rigorous fundamental research with analytical portfolio construction to identify and capitalize on opportunities across the global equity markets. We seek to generate consistent, positive absolute returns over a full market and economic cycle while exhibiting minimal beta and correlation to the MSCI World and other macro factors. We partner with our clients to drive incremental value, including transparency and service, shared insights, potential co-investments and strategic relationships.